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  1. Respect… My Body, Your Body, Their Bodies
    1. Our bodies
    2. Your body
    3. Their bodies
  2. ‘Brave’ Space Policy
  3. Security & Bag Searches
  4. Anti-racism code of practise

Respect… My Body, Your Body, Their Bodies

Our bodies

Here, we celebrate queer bodies in electronic music. Body Movements is a place for queer and trans electronic music to be applauded, queer exploration to be encouraged, and queer and trans expression to flourish.

At Body Movements, we expect guests, artists, venues, and staff to respect our core values including;

  • Adhearing to our anti tranphobic, queer phobic and homophobic practice  
  • Making space for disabled community members, understanding that some disbilities are not visible – for access information, please read our accessibility policy:
  • Not tolerating any harassment of any kind
  • Using verbal and enthusiastic consent when touching each other and entering each others personal space
  • Meeting each other with mutual respect
  • Being proud and supportive, of all Queer, Trans, and Non-binary bodies at the festival – of all shapes, sizes and colours. We are a body positive festival
  • Actively engaging in dialogue and checking in with your community
  • Finally, Body Movements is a music festival that stands for queer and trans solidarity and community, whilst prioritising and showcasing the talents of the queer and trans electronic music community. We’re more than a festival. We’re a movement!

Your body

If anyone makes you feel uncomfortable, if you require support, or if you need welfare treatment – please talk to the festival welfare team. They are here for you. Body Movements works with Safe Only who operate throughout the LGBTQ+ club scene. All security, bar staff, stage staff, and welfare staff share the same communication devices, so anyone can alert welfare should you need help. 

Remember, you are responsible for yourself and your behaviour. Respect yourself and what you put your body through whilst partying. Keep hydrated, take a break, and please acknowledge that people on drugs take up more space. If you need help, reassurance, or a quiet space, remember to take a moment and speak to one of our welfare staff who will be able to help you.

If your body feels at risk, in danger, or uncomfortable – recognise this, tell your friends, then, please address this and speak to our staff who are here to help.

Their bodies

We encourage you to smile, have fun, and greet each new person with love and respect. Be kind and look after your community. If you see anyone intoxicated or in need of help, please notify our staff who are trained to help.

By entering Body Movements, you agree to treat all people equally and without prejudice or presumption. If you’re not from the LGBTQI+ community, you’re a guest and should show respect. Never touch anyone without consent.

Other people’s bodies are none of your business and no one has the right to make judgement or comment on someone else’s body. 

Body Movements is a queer and trans space. Any conduct that creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment will not be tolerated, including sexual harassment or abuse of power. Anyone who disrespects someone’s right to express themselves or another’s gender identity will be asked to leave immediately.

‘Brave’ Space Policy

Body Movements aspires to be an inclusive space for anyone to participate and enjoy without fear of being marginalised, harassed or made to feel unwelcome. We have a zero-tolerance policy of racism, sexism, homophobia, bi-phobia, transphobia, ableism or prejudice based on age, ethnicity, nationality, class, gender, gender presentation, language ability or religious affiliation. 

We use the term “Brave” space, and we ask everyone to be responsible for themselves and their behaviour. Please look after each other, be brave and report if you see something unsettling. You can report safety issues to the security across the site. Body Movements has welfare, medics, and security that are working to keep people as safe as possible in this environment.

We welcome all constructive feedback that helps improve the safeguarding of our community, helps improve the representation within our community, and helps us become more inclusive. Please acknowledge that we are doing the best we can.

If you have any questions or suggestions for improvements, please email

Security & Bag Searches

All guests will be searched when entering a new venue. Guests have the agency to ask for a certain member of the security team to search them before entering. Security work to keep our community safe. They have the right to work without abuse. Our door staff reserve the right to refuse entry to those who; refuse to be searched, those people without correct ID, and those who are too intoxicated or caught with illegal substances.

Body Movements is committed to the safety of the queer community. All festival staff, security, welfare, and stewards are independently briefed, recruited and trained by Body Movements on LGBTQ+ welfare, respecting pronouns, gender and respect. 

Homophobia, Transphobia, and any misgendering of guests by event staff, security, and stewards will mean that person is fired and sent home immediately. Any SIA badge holders will be reported to the SIA for any breach of this respect code, which in turn, could lose them their license. Body Movements is committed to making our guests feel safe, seen, and heard. Any issues can be reported to Body Movements organisers who will deal with this as a matter of urgency.

Anti-racism code of practise

Body Movements is dedicated to supporting artistic freedom and providing a supportive space for a wide and diverse range of performances. We recognise that racism is an issue at all levels of society especially within the LGBTQI+ community. Our commitment to anti-racism is part of our wider commitment to equality and social inclusion.

Body Movements is committed to this code of practice, and urge all our venues and partners to follow:

  • Body Movements has zero tolerance for any harassment, racist behaviour, and racist language. Individuals provoking such actions will be asked to leave our venue or space
  • Body Movements takes action to protect those who experience any harassment or discrimination
  • Body Movements refuses entry to anyone wearing culturally insensitive or racist attire
  • Body Movements intend to set a standard to show others that we are a proud multicultural and diverse community, and only love is welcomed in our space and venues

Body Movements commits themselves, to making racism a visible issue through:

  • Communicating our anti-racist ethos in our Respect Policy, on our website, on social media, to our partners including venues, crews, DJs, dancers, staff, security, and other organisations that work with us
  • Body Movements organisers are available to listen to guest’s experiences and feedback on our policies so we can improve them
  • Body Movements refuses to work or promote any brands that are racist, those that fund hate, or perpetuate negative stereotypes of minority ethnic groups
  • Body Movements actively reviews, and reminds our partners of our values and asks them to adopt our anti-racist respect policies when working with us

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