Table of Contents


  1. How do I get a ticket?
    1. How are your tickets priced?
    2. Do you offer a discounted ticket?
    3. Do you support a charity through your ticket sales?
    4. What do I get for my ticket?
  2. Is there an afterparty?
  3. What if I can’t attend?
  4. Where is the festival?
  5. How do I get to Body Movements?
    1. Hackney Wick Overground Station
    2. Hackney Wick Bus Information
  6. Who’s playing?
  7. How do I get a ticket to the talks and workshop programming?
  8. Where do I enter the festival?
  9. What time do I need to arrive by?
  10. Where do I find set times?
  11. How does venue entry work?
  12. Safety & Wellbeing
  13. Age
  14. Accessibility 
  15. How do you keep the festival green?
  16. Search Policy
  17. What is Body Movements Commitment To Safety & Inclusion?
  18. COVID Policy
  19. What about my bag and coat?
  20. Where can I get food?
  21. Who is Body Movements?

How do I get a ticket?

Tickets are available through our ticketing partner, Resident Advisor:

How are your tickets priced?

We have a sliding scale of tickets – the earlier you book, the cheaper your ticket!

Do you offer a discounted ticket?

There are reduced tickets available for crews to offer out to their community members who need them. We also have a limited allocation of cheaper accessible tickets, offered to those who are financially struggling. Please email us at for more information.

Do you support a charity through your ticket sales?

We support our charity partners in various ways via donating a portion of £1 per ticket sale revenue and guestlist donations. Our charities Partners for 2023 London Trans+Pride

What do I get for my ticket?

Access to the venues across Body Movements festival including all the line-up programming, day into night programming (11am till 11:30pm). Yes, you can roam between venues.

After parties programming runs separately.

Is there an afterparty?

Yes, there are several. You can purchase a separate ticket to the different after-parties via Resident Advisor. You can find all of the afterparty listings via this link. Please note capacities for these are less than the festival so we’d strongly recommend purchasing in advance! 

What if I can’t attend?

You have the ability to resell your tickets through your Resident Advisor “Order History”. Please contact RA if you need more help with this. We do not refund tickets due to COVID. 

Where is the festival?

Body Movements takes place across multiple spaces in Hackney Wick, so even if it does rain, it doesn’t matter! All venues are within a 5/10 minute walk of one another. A map outlining exactly where each stage is situated and a list of walking distances will be published ahead of the festival. Line-up and stage information will be released closer to the festival so you know who is playing where.

How do I get to Body Movements?

We strongly advise that people travelling to and from Body Movements get public transport, to cut down the carbon footprint of the festival and to avoid guests causing unnecessary traffic delays. Hackney is accessible by train and bus. 

Hackney Wick Overground Station

For the latest information visit:

Access information from TFL

Staff help available – YES

Ramp for train access – YES

Step free access coverage – YES

Wheelchairs available – YES

Hackney Wick Bus Information

For the latest bus information and routes:

For access information regarding specific buses and bus routes, please contact TFL for the latest information.

Who’s playing?

We’re uniting many of our favourite LGBTQI+ dance crews, showcasing their residents, exciting emerging artists from the queer and trans community, and pairing each stage with awesome artists from across the UK and around the world. At Body Movements, you’ll see emerging artists playing side by side with headline acts. 

Crew and collectives taking part this year can be found on the line-up page. We’ll be sharing more in the DJs and the special guest artists in the next coming weeks. Keep your eyes peeled for updates on our social media.

How do I get a ticket to the talks and workshop programming?

Sign-up to our mailing list and we’ll keep you updated with all our plans for community activities including: how you enroll, the programming and subjects covered, speakers and special guests.

Where do I enter the festival?

Accreditation is held at Hackney Bridge


Address: Units 1-28, ECHO BUILDING Units 1-28, ECHO BUILDING, London E15 2SJ

Opening hours: 11:00am till 4:00pm

This is where you go to get your festival wristband which gives you access to the various venues throughout the day, from 11am until venues close. After-parties are separate from this and require a separate ticket.

Please note: Accreditation takes place outside. Our staff scan your ticket, they are not here to ID people.

What time do I need to arrive by?

Your ticket will have an arrival time – this must be adhered – we recommend arriving as early as possible to enjoy the music and miss the queues.

Where do I find set times?

Set times are available on Clashfinder:

How does venue entry work?

Ticket-holders will be issued with one ticket which is exchanged for a wristband that grants entry to every venue. it is not possible to pay for access to individual venues or performances. We strongly advise that you arrive in good time if there is an act that you really want to watch as we cannot guarantee entry to each venue if it reaches capacity.

Safety & Wellbeing

Body Movements takes a firm stance on any aggressive or inappropriate behaviour. This includes any instances of racism, sexism, homophobia, or transphobia. If you witness or are affected by any inappropriate behaviour then please report to a warden, steward or member of security.

If you begin to feel unwell at any point or see anyone who appears to be in distress for any reason then please inform a welfare armband wearer, steward or member of security immediately. Look after yourself and be considerate of those around you. please read our festival respect policy to understand our approach to wellbeing and respect.


All venues are 18+ we will be operating age checks on the door and challenge 25 will be in operation on all bars.


Body Movements is not a fully accessible festival, but we are committed to making it as accessible as we can. Please read our access information on a separate page. Body Movements is currently getting our access rating assessed independently. More information regarding this will be shared on our social media. We offer free tickets for PA’s if you have already bought a ticket for yourself – please email us at with a copy of your ticket and we will send you a ticket for your PA.

How do you keep the festival green?

Whilst on-site, please use bins around Hackney Wick for any rubbish you may have. Be respectful of your surroundings, and make sure you do not create litter or waste that could end up in the canal.

Body Movements used the majority of UK and London-based talent to cut down on travel to keep our festival greener. We also clean the streets of Hackney after the festival, but this is no excuse for not using a bin.

Search Policy

Security will be operating searches at all venues. By entering the festival you are consenting to be searched. You have the right to choose which security member searches you. Security and venue staff reserve the right to refuse anyone entry to the festival.

Body Movements operates a Zero-Tolerance Policy on illegal drugs and legal highs. Please do not attempt to enter the festival carrying either as it may result in refusal of entry, or you could be asked to leave. Should you do anything to result in your removal from a venue for any reason then you risk having your wristband removed and entry to any other venue declined on the day.

What is Body Movements Commitment To Safety & Inclusion?

Body Movements is committed to the education of all venue staff and security to ensure the best care for the community. We’ll be telling you more about how we are doing this via our social media.

COVID Policy

We will be following the current government guidance at the time of the festival. Current government discourse is that there will be no testing or isolation. We would like our attendees to be safe and respectful of the wider community – testing if possible and not coming if you are feeling unwell. We will not be able to offer refunds to people with COVID at this point.

What about my bag and coat?

We do not have an on-site cloakroom and most of the venues do not have facilities for this. We strongly advise bringing as little with you as possible – especially bags. All bags will be searched and even though some of the venues have cloakrooms, bag searches will significantly hold up the entry process. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email:

Where can I get food?

We have an amazing array of food traders on offer across Hackney Wick. Many of the venues have their own vendors too!

Who is Body Movements?

Body Movements is an independent festival created by a London-based team of music lovers & event curators.