NB: This information was correct on the 16th September

Body Movements is not a fully accessible festival, but we’re committed to making our event as accessible as possible. We’re working closely with the Hackney Wick venues to understand the restrictions and access of each venue.

Venues are not owned or operated by Body Movements. Venues have varying levels of disabled facilities and accessibility. If you have access needs or wish to know more about the accessibility of the venues, please take time to digest this information.

Access information comes directly from the venue operators, in their own words. Body Movements organisers have done their best to fact check the facilities of each venue. If there is information missing and you need further clarity, you can either, directly contact those venues or email Body Movements.

Body Movements consists of a small team of queer promoters, still learning and working hard to produce the best event possible. If you have any recommendations, customer feedback after the show, access requests or questions, please get in touch by email at


Hackney Wick Overground Station
For the latest information visit:
Access information from TFL
Staff help available – YES
Ramp for train access – YES
Step free access coverage – YES
Wheelchairs available – YES

Hackney Wick Bus Information
For the latest bus information and routes:
For access information regarding specific buses and bus routes, please contact TFL for the latest information.


Colour Factory & Colour Garden

Address: 8a Queen’s Yard, White Post Ln, London E9 5EN
Access information from the venue operator: The space is semi-accessible. Guests can access the main space with ease and half of the Colour Factory Garden. The garden ramps to allow access to the main dance floor and the bars. The Mezzanine is not accessible to wheelchair users.
Toilets: The venue does have a private disabled toilet, with a code. Ask for the code on arrival.
Food: Colour Factory is a food court, with many different food vendors. Food can be ordered at the venue by scanning a QR code on the tables in the front yard of Colour Factory. The Colour Factory yard is fully accessible. The Colour Factory yard is outside the front of the venue, covered with benches and tables. If you require a table, and have access needs, please tell the door staff at Colour Factory. You can not pre-book tables. For food options visit:
Cloakroom: Colour Factory operates the only cloakroom across the Hackney Wick venues. Guests can use this, at the cost of £3, whilst at Body Movements, but we strongly advise you pick up your belongings before 10:30pm

La Terraza

Address: 90 Wallis Rd, London E9 5LN
Access information from the venue operator: Step only access, but you can do step free access through No. 90, which is the front entrance to this venue
Toilets: Use No. 90
Cloakroom: None

Studio 94

Address: 94 Wallis Rd, London E9 5LN
Access information from the venue operator: Step free access to the performance space and main entrance, however, no access to step free toilets (can access in 92)
Toilets: None, use 92 which is joined to 94 via a corridor
Food: Available in No. 90
Cloakroom: None


The Yard & Courtyard

Address: Unit 2A, Queen’s Yard, London E9 5EN
Access information from the venue operator: The courtyard and bar are level access – there are no stairs to get in or out of the venue. The bar now has a cut out which means you can order drinks from a wheelchair without having to go around the side
Toilet: Accessible toilet in the bar
Food: None
Cloakroom: None

No. 90

Address: 90 Wallis Rd, London E9 5LN
Access information from the venue operator: Step free access to performance space. Main entrance to the building is all on ground level, with the box office at the entrance of the building. Has step free toilets (gender inclusive whilst Body Movements is on).
Toilet: We have an accessible toilet in the bar
Cloakroom: None

Studio 92

Address: 92 Wallis Rd, London E9 5LN
Access information from the venue operator: Access via No. 90
Toilet: We have an accessible toilet in No.90
Cloakroom: None

Crate Brewery

Address: 92 Wallis Rd, London E9 5LN
Access information from the venue operator: Crate has a ramp that is our main entrance in Queen’s Yard, and then everything is then on the same level. The only raised part is the decking section along the far left of the canal, “Crate Outside Stage” which is by the canal
Toilet: We have an accessible toilet in the bar
Cloakroom: None
Book a table: Crate allows you to book a table online, or walk up and try your luck on the day
Please note: Crate is fully programmed as part of the festival, but you can access it without a festival ticket. This allows people to enjoy a slice of the festival for free. Crate will also be the stage for Queer House Party, who’s stage has the further accessibility features programmed and provided by Body Movements as requested by Queer House Party organisers

Queer House Party

Stage location: Crate
Timings: 5pm till 11pm
Access: QHP will be accessible online, streamed for people at home and will feature a BSL Interpreter, Audio Descriptions, Online Host, Closed Captions, Tech and safeguarding person.
IRL: There will be a BSL steward onsite at our party to help and support any BSL users
Toilet: There is a disabled toilet in the bar of Crate



Security at the entrance who may ask for ID, if you look under 25
Security will ask for see your wristband, allowing you to gain access to the venue (expect Crate where you do not need a wristband)
Security may ask to search your bag or person. Please be aware, all venues have a zero-tolerance policy on drugs, and if found, will be confiscated. This could result in you being asked to leave the venue or leave the festival, removing your wristband completely so you can no longer access venues
All security and venue staff have had the latest WAVE training
All security will be asked to attend a briefing on Trans welfare prior to the event


Sound levels
Inside it will be extremely loud, so if you want or need to protect your hearing, please bring ear plugs. They are not available in the venues.
We use strobe lighting, smoke machines, hazers and high-tech flashing lights in all venues.
All toilets are gender inclusive and marked as such by the festival


Body Movements Festival
Date: 9th October
Location: Various locations across Hackney Wick
Opening Hours: 12pm till 11pm/12am. Music programming is dependent on venue opening times. A full line-up with set times will soon be available to allow guests to plan their day.

Set Times

We use Clash Finder to publish set times:
This avoids needless printing on paper, and allows us to give you the most accurate information. We’ll share a bespoke Body Movements link, closer to the date of the festival. We recommend having a link to this information on your phone. This will require mobile network data, or, you will have to join a wifi network at one of the many venues.

WIFI on site

We can not guarantee the speed or consistency of any wifi network at the venues on the day of the festival. You can get logins for the venue’s wifi network, by asking the bar/venue staff at that specific venue.

Body Movements Afterhours

Date: 9th October – 10th October
Location: Various locations across Hackney Wick, Oval Space, and Dalston Superstore
Dalston Superstore:
Oval Space: Disabled lift to the main room and disables toilets
Opening Hours: From 10pm/11pm depending on the after-party. Entry to the after-parties requires a separate after-party ticket. A full line-up with set times will be available on Clash Finder soon.

Body Works and Body Talks

Date: 5th and 6th October
Location: TBA
Address: TBA
Opening Hours: TBA. For news on our workshops and talks, please follow Body Movements on Instagram or Facebook. We plan on sharing more information around our programming, themes, locations, and who this programming is programmed towards, in the coming weeks.


Location: Hackney Bridge
Address: Units 1-28, ECHO BUILDING Units 1-28, ECHO BUILDING, London E15 2SJ
Opening hours: 11:30am till 4:00pm
Overview: This is where you go to get your festival wristband which gives you access to the various venues throughout the day, from 12pm until venues closes. After-parties are separate to this and require a separate ticket. Please look at Clash Finder for the DJ set times and venue closing times.
Please note: Accreditation takes place outside. Our staff scan your ticket, they are not here to ID people, but they will ask to see your COVID documents.
RA Ticketing and chosen names policy: RA have an option for you to buy a ticket in your chosen name. We do not assume or presume anyone’s gender or identity. We welcome all Queer and Trans bodies to Body Movements.
Access notes: You can access Hackney Bridge by crossing the bridge closest to No. 90 venue. This bridge has a disabled lift on the same side as No. 90.

Covid and Entrance Policy

Body Movements is a grass-roots, community-based, rave experience. The health and safety of our family, guests, staff, and DJs, is our top priority. Whilst COVID is still interrupting lives, we kindly ask for everyone to be responsible and keep our community safe by testing before you come, even if you’re double vaxxed.

At accreditation, we ask for the following documents either;
A negative test result
Proof of double vaccination
Proof that you have had COVID in the last 180 days
Proof that you’re exempt from showing us

We advise everyone to test, to make sure you’re not putting others at risk. Lateral flow results uploaded to the website will be accepted. Legitimate varieties of vaccine received outside of the UK will also be accepted.

For those unable to test before, we have a mobile testing unit on-site, giving you a result in a sanitised environment. You are welcome to queue to use this. Any one with access needs, please flag this to the accreditation staff and they will get a member of staff to assist you.

To help us manage the door, we ask you to stick to the time your ticket says, or you could risk a late fee, £10 per person if you’re late. If you’ve brought a timed-entry ticket, they are cheaper than standard tickets so please be on time, or risk a late fee, period. If you are disabled, whether that is a physical or non-visible disability, and you’re worried about being on time, please email us before the festival at You’ll receive an email from the event organisers, which you can show at accreditation, meaning no late fee.



Please look after yourself, your friends and be aware of others around you. Please drink water, take a break and ask for help if you feel unwell, anxious, overstimulated.

Pxssy Palace operates a sober space called The Sanctuary. This is located at Girl Gym, but is not accessible by wheelchair. More information about The Sanctuary will be share on our social media.

Body Movements will have welfare staff, WAVE trained, moving through venues at various times. Welfare will be wearing high-vis vest or armbands. They can assist you, but in an emergency, the best people to help are always the venue staff, bar staff (some who are first-aid trained) and security staff. All venue, bar and security staff have been WAVE trained, and briefed to respect the LGBTQ+ community. Seek them out if there is an issue, or speak to the promoters running the stage.


We have two medic points at Body Movements.
Location 1: Main Yard, outside Number 90 and Grow
Location 2: Queen’s Yard
Access: Both medics are wheelchair and vehicle accessible
Please note: If you are inside a venue and need medical attention, please inform the venue staff, bar staff or security who will call a medic. If you are outside walking between venues, please call 999, or make your way to the medic station.
Closest A&E Medical facilities are at:
Homerton University Hospital, Homerton Row, London E9 6SR 0208 510 5555 (1.6 miles)
The Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel, London E1 1BB 0207 377 7000 (3.0 miles)

Hydration Points

Drinking water will be available for free at each bar, encouraging people to keep hydrated and lowering the risk of intoxication.